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Snowy White & Fairy Dog Mother Doodles

In the beginning

From the beginning of humanity our beloved dog has been evolving to fit into our life styles and to work for us in unlimited possibilities. Early in the 18th century many dogs became a status symbol for the wealthy and with selective breeding we have made so many changes it is hard to realize they are all genetically the same- From that day to now the constant pursuit of perfection has drives many a purebred to poor health and conformation. This hasn't always been positive for many purebreds, low sloping hips, flat faces contorted structures and a lot of inbreeding with closed gene pools -

I have lived with dogs most of my life I love all dogs and breeds Understanding what a dog was breed for may help you decide the right fit for you family-As a young woman I raised huskies for sledding-I love them but I would not live with another one- too hairy and too independent-MY idea of a great dog is one that is eager to please sheds very litter or not at all and fits comfortably on the couch with you-

So why a doodle

- I was so fortunate to have great mentor and I trained for this person for many years and she bred golden doodles. My beautiful standard poodle Daisy I breed her to her English Cream Golden Retriever- The puppies were amazing big fluffy white dogs. --hence the name Snowywhite doodles. I was hooked on this type of dog the ability to be eager to please and a gentle nature fun loving.and low shedding was great.

Fifteen years later I am still breeding golden doodles I have learned a lot but have not changed my ideas about what makes a great dog-except possibly size

Standards are great for some but as I get older I am compelled to also breed down to a smaller dog .I am also working like many good breeders to offer a dog that no longer carries the shedding gene-this test is called IC test

We think of hybrid vigor in the f1 1/2 poodle and 1/2 retriever the first generation doodle-(many first generation still shed)but in order to continue with breeding out the shedding we must reintroduce the poodle we are now depleting the hybrid vigor and we also must be following pedigree to ensure we are not line breeding

Most recognized breed consist of many different dogs but in the beginning of our life with dog we would bred dogs with the same abilities together and eventually have a dog that looks very similar to all the other dog in that area- for instance the sight hounds were bred by putting the 2 fastest together as they wanted a dog that could catch prey- 

 My primary focus on breeding to to produce a

well balance stable

good health through health testing and diversity in genetics

low to no shedding family dog- when I am looking to add to my lines that is the criteria I use-coats can be corrected-Temperament and health can't be-I use like breeds at times ,as long as I can trace the parenting and I like what that dog brings to my program.

I have infused the Australian Labradoodle into some of my lines-I like the stockiness that they bring and many are IC clear have a fleecy coat rather than the curly coat of a poodle-

(The Australian Labradoodle is a poodle and a Labrador but also has Cocker spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel -they no longer infuse the Labradoodle with Irish Water Spaniel they still use Cockers in them)