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Snowy White & Fairy Dog Mother Doodles

All dogs in my breeding program have had appropriate health testing and have also been assessed for outstanding temperaments, . I spend a lot of time planning my litters and determining the best match and outcome- Mother Nature always has the final say - sometime even the best laid plans don't work out - Timing ,Size and coats are always my best educated guess -this my spring summer line up-

I am not accepting deposits at this time- 

Dolly/Darwin-20-30 pounds--this litter has been bred-not accepting deposits

Charlotte Leo-mediums- some shedding possible with this litter although neither shed-and there last litter was stunning-ready June???? 20-40 pounds-this litter has been bred-full deposits-

Charlotte double doodle- 30 pounds-non shedding

this litter is expected to be 20 pounds-non shedding 

Paisley's-accepting deposits for Mid July take home

Leo 30 pounds non shedding


Sugar/Darwin- 20 -25 pounds-non shedding-waiting for mother nature



Raven is my f1 golden doodles she will be paired with Shady maples poodle-Finnigan-waiting for mother nature-these pups are expected to be 30-60 pounds small standards-waiting for mother nature-expecting red/apricot black and sables