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Snowywhitedoodles is Yourfairydogmother

     .I am planning to take  a large step back as I look to semi retire this year-I have no puppies planned until late fall for 2022 I will be focusing mostly on the golden doodle and the girls I need to  grow up and are health tested-thankyou to all of my puppies families for the love and referrals I have received over the years

 Website is work in progress-please have a look inside 

Your puppy will already be used to being handled ,have spent time in a crate. Potty training is started around 4 weeks and is on going-your puppy will have had  a bath, nail trimming and grooming I expose them to stimulus and experiences like car rides, they are exposed to children -.Puppies at this age are very demanding and need a lot of time and supervision.

Most puppies by 8 weeks have the ability to wait for food by 12 weeks they have the capacity to understand basic training leash crate take it leave it and out- they could shake a paw retrieve a ball and many other activities-

Children learn the most before they are 6 years old- Puppies are much the same . By the time they are 2 they can be trained but they are not looking to you for guidance., in the same way .The more you teach your puppy at a young age the more it will learn for it's whole life.

My training method is about using puppies natural instinct to follow-and encouraging a positive training through play/treats to learn basic skills like sit and down but also stay and come. They are very keen and easy to teach at this age ,watching their siblings and learning that way as well. It is about having fun and being positive - I find working with a pack of puppies is very effective way to train all of them very quickly with treats-

All activities are used to promote patience, calmness

Your puppy will leave here with a schedule for feeding crating and potty. I offer a video of training using my methods with this puppy, and plenty of contact and follow up. A visit in person is the maximum way to benefit from training methods .This is strongly encouraged.

Puppies are individual just like children- they all learn differently and at different rates. In most cases puppies are extremely eager to please,and want to follow you by instinct. However above postings are general- I will update you regularly on your own puppies nature. I video tape some of our training for your enjoyment and for reference-

House training -Around 3 weeks a litter box is introduced to the whelping box - as they mature we start to move the potty box outside. By

8 weeks we have removed the potty box for the most part and we are putting puppies outside very often.They have a pen by the door. Puppies it is a combination of schedule, confinement and supervision,and maturity. This will ensure puppy asks to go out if not being supervised, is watched to catch any slip ups and scheduled to get out at the right time. Bladder control is also a factor and is different in all puppies. Puppies know where the door is very quickly but don't quite know to ask to go out . They are still young and lack bladder control