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Snowywhitedoodles is Yourfairydogmother

     .I am planning to take  a large step back as I look to semi retire this year-I have no puppies planned until late fall for 2022 I will be focusing mostly on the golden doodle and the girls I need to  grow up and are health tested-thankyou to all of my puppies families for the love and referrals I have received over the years

 Website is work in progress-please have a look inside 

Thank you to all who have adopted one of my puppies. It is truly a pleasure to put the time I do into my puppies and to have this kind of gratitude. It is humbling to receive the praise and appreciation from families that have brought one of my puppies into their home.

Hi Robin,Thanks for the email. We have named our not-so-little guy Moose. He is absolutely amazing. He is smart, obedient, and his temperament is unbelievable. He is a celebrity in our neighborhood. Everybody knows and loves Moose. Nobody can believe that he is only 6 months old - both because he is so big, and because he is so well behaved. I have highly recommended you as a breeder, so don't be surprised if some of our friends look you up in the future! Many thanks to you for setting us up with this wonderful animal. He has established himself as a much loved member of our family!

Hi Robin,

All is great here. Moose is terrific, as usual. He has been doing such wonderful things at the BC Cancer Agency where he works as a Therapy Dog. Moose is certainly on the 'poodle' side with his looks, and sheds only when he is wet or stressed. Otherwise, his shedding is pretty minimal. He is a great ambassador for you, and I have referred many people to your website. He was in the Times Colonist a couple of weeks ago, as well.We can certainly meet with the folks looking for a dog. They can fire me off an email and we can set something up. Let me know if there's anything else I can do. Cheers,

Hi robin Boomer is now over 1 year old. We are back at the lake in BC with him where we got him as a puppy so reminiscing about everything and thought I should FINALLY write! He is such an amazing dog! We absolutely adore him. The kids can't imagine what our family was like without him and when asked say there lives were just terrible before Boomer. We got him neutered at around 1 year old so he is a little calmer since.. having said that he is not (and never was) much of a handful. His demeanor and temperament are so calm. no one who has ever met boomer can believe that he only a year old given his relaxed nature. Of course, it is also what most other goldendoodle owners also say, that they are also incredibly smart and easy to train. We have had so many folks ask where we got him and have passed along your info a few times. Having met other goldendoodles however I am so pleased that we chose you and have the dog we do! Boomer is the image of a very handsome and healthy dog. I also LOVE his coat which is a very relaxed wavy, silky coat. We kept him long initially but for the lake have given him a good haircut. Even the groomer and vet comment on what a lovely specimen he is. I almost regret that we had him fixed because I believe he has so much to pass along but this is your business and you do it well! At the lake we rarely have to tether him. only if we leave the site. without teaching him he just seems to know the boundaries of our yard and is very content to stay with us. He loves to swim and is very good at it although sometimes he needs to be called back if ducks are around as I think he would try to swim across the lake after them. He is also especially fond of sticks. we never manage a walk where he doesn't bring some home. Basically, where we go, he goes. To date he has never been sick. I believe that Boomer is truly the perfect match for us so perhaps it was meant to be. Hope your business is going well. Lou-Ann (Calgary)

I am sorry its been so long since we've been in touch. You will see in the photos attached that Lucky is fitting in well and a very happy puppy.

Lucky is still very popular around the neighbourhood. I must given out your name at least twice a week.

Lucky is a very smart girl, she enjoys long walks, hikes especially if she's allowed off leash, and the WATER. I mean any body of water; muddy puddles, ocean, ditches and streams so if I don't have time to give her a shower we avoid anything with water. She will love this Summer in Kelowna up at the cottage.

Lucky is now 35 pounds and beautiful.

Thank you for such an amazing dog.



Hi Robin,

Robbie is doing fantastic and we couldn't be more pleased. Your training has really shown and he's so well behaved. We are learning lots and he's already part of the family.

We are just out the door but wanted to send the signed contract and will email you again with updates, photos, questions etc.

Thanks again for all your support and care,

Steve, Laura, and Robbie Earnshaw

Hi Robin!

Dan and I thought we would send you an update of our girl. She is doing so well! In fact since we brought her home she has not had one accident in the house and has leaned to ring a bell to be let out to pee. She is incredibly friendly with everyone and every dog that she meets. The other day she engaged a 90 pound pit bull to play with her (all 21 pounds of her little body!) Enzo has also been so wonderful around the house with us, she listens to us 9/10 times and is always willing and ready for a snuggle. One of our favorite parts of the day is when she waits for us to shower- she sticks her body under the bathtub (it is an old claw foot tub) all you can see is 4 little puppy legs sticking out. Once we are out of the shower she rests her head on our foot and waits until we are finished getting ready. This far, we feel like we have hit the puppy lottery with Enzo!

Thanks for breeding great dogs

Anna and Daniel

Good Morning Robin,

Thank you for the most amazing dog ever!! He's wonderful in every way! He's adapting wonderfully here in his new home. He only goes in the crate at night time to sleep (which is by our bed) and knows his boundaries here in his home. He tolerated the ride home with no problem & we take him on am & afternoon long walks while continuing to practice the skills you'd shown us. He loves all the massages & brushing he gets from me. lol (

Again, this has been over the moon happy experience, and we want you to know it's all because of You! Your training and beautiful dogs are a true gift! You certainly are the fairydogmother!!!

Have a wonderful day, and we'll be in touch.

Kindly, Laurie & Alan

Hi Robin,

It’s Debbie,

Indie’s owner (formerly Zsa Zsa) – we picked up Indie back in early January...

Just wanted to confirm to you that Indie has been spayed (see attached certificate). Also attached are some great pics of Indie. She’s 7 months now and weighs 37 pounds.

We are loving her – she is an amazing dog – so much personality and so smart too. Now that the weather is getting better, we’re spending more and more time outside which she loves, especially when she gets to roam the beach! There’s a cute pic of her attached when she had a particularly fun day at the beach!

Everyone comments on how cute she is and love her long haired golden doodle look – as do we!

Thanks again, will keep in touch.



Well my baby is settling in more every day. Today I took the day off of work and he came with me to a few pet shops and my hair appointment (stayed in his crate in the car). All the pet store personnel were, of course, very impressed with his manners. For the first few days he whined in the car but now that he knows we are going somewhere great he just curls up and waits patiently.

After my appointment we went for a good long walk along the river and met a few new dogs (including a large German Shepherd), a man in a wheelchair, and dozens of people. He was great with the dogs the dogs played fabulously. Riley also did great with a down stay in the park, even with a ton of distractions.

He is back in the crate at night and doing great - no protests. I am a little softer during his free times and he has made it clear he loves to be up on the couch by his family - especially when he is tuckered out from his romps like the pictures below. Even Mike has softened on that front and is enamoured with our boy.

I wish I could express how grateful I feel every day, and how blessed I am to have Riley. He is truly the light in my life. I am going to work on my dog loving mother in law to get a Goldendoodle (small one probably) so if you are ever planning to breed smaller dogs let me know. You are so unbelievably gifted with what you do - I wish every breeder was as dedicated and talented. There would be fewer dogs abandoned if there were more like you.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Dione, Mike and Riley