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Snowywhitedoodles is Yourfairydogmother

     .I am planning to take  a large step back as I look to semi retire this year-I have no puppies planned until late fall for 2022 I will be focusing mostly on the golden doodle and the girls I need to  grow up and are health tested-thankyou to all of my puppies families for the love and referrals I have received over the years

 Website is work in progress-please have a look inside 

I take pride in offering a slightly different approach to breeding and raising puppies- please read over this page carefully

All puppies are  ready to go between 9-10 weeks -3000.00 +pst gst

additional training depends on the puppies I have on hand. as I try to keep my program small and hands on taking on formal training is very time consuming -While I understand that not all dates will work for all families the time required for a puppy at this age is extensive-Pick up dates are firm -any additional days will be charged t

@ 30.00 per day + gst

Head start puppies -from time to time I have puppies through no fault of their own not place at 10 weeks -those puppies will continue as if they were living here forever- They live with me in my home with all that entails- socialized- crate and potty are on going as is the daily work that a puppy of this age requires- the amount I charge for these puppies varies but it never reflect the amount of time and energy and financial commitment that I have put into them- i try to keep my prices affordable and for those folks that would like a bit of a head start -these puppies are perfect and a value added service- 

I do not sell breeding rights to anyone- All puppies are sold as pets only Micro-chips are not transferred until after proof of altering from your vet has been received.

Visitors Policies

you are welcome to visit my home and see where my dogs live Covid restriction apply at this time

If you have a deposit on a puppy, on approval you may see the puppies once they are 6 weeks old

These puppies are infants and are extremely susceptible to viruses, bacteria etc.

Please remember that you will not be allowed to carry, hold, or touch the puppies. Ask for details. Thank you.

Why I keep puppies slightly longer-

Your puppy will have gone through many stages of development and will learn more from birth to 16 weeks than he will learn for the rest of his life-In those periods of time he will go through times that he will fear nothing at all and other times were he will have a natural fear period- normally from 8-11 weeks- By keeping your puppy for a few weeks longer in his social group help create a more stable dog- Moving to a new house and family is a stressful time for puppies while for us 2 weeks is not a long time for a puppy but the stability this creates is undeniable-

The other reason I choose to hold back puppies is

If you would like to wait until your puppy is older for his first vaccine please advise me ahead of time and as long as you sign a waiver I am happy to work with the family- If you choose to wait until your puppies is older I still believe that 1 well timed vaccine will be in your puppies best interest-Puppies that are held back for my breeding program normally receive their first vaccine around 16 weeks and then are titre after that-

-core shots- [email protected] 9 weeks Parvo -distemper

Micro chipping, 2 year genetic health guarantee- 1 month of pet insurance-

5 pounds of the food they are used to eating

Lifetime support on training and health. Parents have breed specific health testing -please ask for copies


A non-refundable consulting fee of $400 will hold you in sequence for the puppy you are hoping for- Please understand we are dealing with living creatures and sometimes the best laid plans don't work out the way we had hoped- I only take 5 deposit on each litter and then a master wait list.Once you have placed a deposit it should mean that you are expecting to receive a puppy from me with in 6 months- your priority may be on a certain litter ,mother nature doesn't always consult with me and some times the stud I have chosen doesn't work out so I need to go to a plan B -another stud- or the female I just breed didn't conceive- this is the reality of using living creatures-

The consulting fee in most cases is non-refundable. Please before you place a deposit read over my site and understand the type of breeder I am -Your deposit show me a commitment to the process it also shows a willingness to work with me the breeder and the time I put into a family to pick the right puppy to answer all of your questions. It shows a well thought-out decision. If you cannot take your puppy when it is ready I would be happy to transfer your deposit to another litter at a better time. The only time a deposit is refundable is if the puppy you are hoping for can't be provided to you with in 6 months, and I have 6 months to refund your deposit-Final payment is due upon request at or around 7 weeks once you have found your forever friend

I consider the order of deposits placed, and work hard with the new families to ensure they get the puppy that is best suited to them. The information you provide me on your application is the first step please be as complete as possible. I do my best to place your puppy with all of the criteria you have asked for. Color/sex are not my first priority-all things being equal then that would be a determining factor only.

however you are buying a cross breed - I will not guarantee that you can live with this dog if you have allergies.

I reserve the right to have first pick of any of the puppies.

Final payment is Due around 7 weeks when we have determined the puppy 

The video below is from Daisy and Buddy's litter.

If you are interested in adopting one of my pups please fill out the questionnaire.

If you are unable to keep your puppy I must be notified. Any one of these puppies is welcome into my home at any time or age. money will be refunded after cost when a new loving home is found. .