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Snowywhitedoodles is Yourfairydogmother

     .I am planning to take  a large step back as I look to semi retire this year-I have no puppies planned until late fall for 2022 I will be focusing mostly on the golden doodle and the girls I need to  grow up and are health tested-thankyou to all of my puppies families for the love and referrals I have received over the years

 Website is work in progress-please have a look inside 

Kona's 2013 litter-what a parti- it was An example of the her 2013 puppies-

Hi Robin,

Hope these pictures will help. The last one is “sacked out after playing with my cousins!!”

I’m sure you know that we absolutely love Rollo. We could not have asked for a better trained or well behaved pet. (He’s like a third son, just don’t tell the other two!)

Barb Cruise

KOna's Rollo- 2013

Kona's 2013 Snowball

Kona's 2013 Theo-

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your email and for checking in.

Theo is a wonderful dog! He is very sweet, and thus far has been great with our little guy. My wife loves him (me too).

He has a healthy appetite and we have been throwing in the odd vegetable with his meat, but hasn’t taken a ton of water (as I write this he having a drink, go figure). He has been very obedient and seems to want to please us.

He is great with most of his commands (sit, stay, leave it ect), but isn’t great with “go” and “bed”, I will continue to work on these. I am also working on training him to sit when we come any intersection, which seems to be going well, and fetch which isn’t going well. He also seems to be a little unsure of his crate. Do you have any thoughts or tips for how I can work with him on fetch and becoming more comfortable in his crate?

Theo is a lovely dog and a great addition to our family.

Thank you,


Hi Robin,

Thank you for your detail and informative response.

Theo has been an absolute gentleman, he is a great dog. Sarah and I both feel our bond with him growing and growing.

I will try your suggestion for getting him to retrieve and keep you posted.

Thank you.


Hi Robin,

Theo is awesome!!! Truely a wonderful nature and incredibly gentle and respectful with our young son.

Theo does fetch but he could still use some work on this front as he looses interest quickly.

I hope you.enjoy the pictures, were taken very recently.



Kona's party boy Orca 2013

Hi Robin,

I thought I would send you a brief update on Orca along with a couple of photos. He has become a well loved part of our family as you can see below. He is a real cutie and gets lots of attention where ever he goes. People are really drawn to his unique markings. He is also very smart and learns new tricks quickly if there is a treat reward involved.

All the best,

Susan Pereira

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the note. Orca just got a spring groom so he looks completely different now with a spotted short coat. Check out the before and after photos below. I think he enjoys having the extra weight off and being cooler, but I am curious as to how the fur will grow out in the fall. He has the most wonderful personality: friendly, devoted, playful, smart, and well behaved. In short, he is the perfect dog. I’ll try to take some better quality photos to send to you and get his measurements. Do you know if he will grow any bigger? He is now 10 months old. We did have him neutered, as we indicated we planned to below.

I hope all Orca’s siblings found great homes. If you have pictures of them at this stage, I would love to compare to Orca’s.

All the best,

Susan Pereira

Kona's 2013 sable Mocha-

We are soooo happy with Mocha. He has fit in beautifully with our family :) Very loved!. Talk soon.Karen

Button 2014

He is simply amazing - the entire neighborhood is clamoring to keep him.

I got out of the bath last night and he was sound asleep on my pillow in my bed - exhausted from travel. Kennel be damned. Next boyfriend will have to compete:-)

Thx Robin - u did a GREAT job!!!

Hi Robin,

Our precious Button is almost a year old - on June 7th I think. He is the most amazing little boy and I have enjoyed him more than you could know - you are truly the "fairy dog godmother"!

I am terrible with digital photos, but have tried to attach a few for you. The first one is on the porch with the kitty next door. The one in the sink is from the puppy sitter as I have been gone for the last month and he loves to get his feet washed in her sink and then takes a nap in it - hilarious!

Much love and gratitude from Tennessee,

Laurie Jewett

Kona's 2013 -Charlie

Hi Robin, this is Gillian and Dillon,

I just wanted to send you a little update. Everything is going great with the dog( I think I told you we named him Morris). He is a wonderful addition to our family, and he is learning good manners very quickly. We started puppy lessons last week, and he has been very responsive. Prior to the classes we had already taught come, and sit and down. Basic commands. the classes are just designed to enhance basic obedience in a fun/ challenging environment. and so far, Dillon and I think he is the star pupil :) Morris is the baby of the class except for one other puppy who is about 3 weeks older.

I will send you a photo, as he is getting more and more handsome every day ( just have to upload some). We have not weighed him for a couple of weeks, but suspect he is around the 17lb range. We constantly get comments on how unusual and wonderful his eyes are.

thanks Robin,

we just wanted to let you know how wonderful our little guy is, and how much we are enjoying him. Our trainer said she thinks he will go far based on his smarts and confidence( which he does not lack). we look forward to his getting bigger, and more mature ( and loosing those sharp little teeth) but we are also enjoying his trainable eager personality, puppy wiggles and non-sense that come with his age.

we hope you are doing well,

and hope to hear from you soon!

-Gillian and Dillon and Morris

Kona's 2013 parti boy-Morris