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Snowywhitedoodles is Yourfairydogmother

     .I am planning to take  a large step back as I look to semi retire this year-I have no puppies planned until late fall for 2022 I will be focusing mostly on the golden doodle and the girls I need to  grow up and are health tested-thankyou to all of my puppies families for the love and referrals I have received over the years

 Website is work in progress-please have a look inside 

Natural Wellness/ Raw Food

What is the key to longevity???For me it begins with nutrition -I am a firm believer that you are what you eat- to that end all of my dogs eat a balanced whole food raw diet .I have spent countless hours educating through raw feeding courses and webinars- My puppies are weaned unto it. I recommend it for the life of your dog-I am happy to help educate you on this proir to bring puppy home-

Vaccines- I am not an anti vacciner but I am very cautious about when and how often my dogs are vaccinate-To this end I only ever vaccinate for Parvo and Distemper and recommend a slightly different approach -Your puppy will receive it's first vaccine around 9 weeks- this is the time that maternal anti bodies wain for Distemper However the maternal antibodies for parvo tend to stick around longer up to 16 weeks-. So a second vaccine at 16 weeks is my recommendation then a titre about 3 weeks after that- The reason that vets recommend the 3 sets is not because they need that for immunity ,they are trying to catch the window when antibodies from the mom have waned and the shot is effective-Vaccines can only do so much and if a puppy has been vaccinated but still caring antibodies the vaccine will do little to protect your puppy. That is why sometimes even puppies that have been vaccinated still get parvo- So I do understand this is a bit scary and understandable so but just because you vaccinate it does not always equate to immunity-I also believe that to many vaccines can and do contribute to things like allergies auto immune, irritable bowel

What is a titre test- it is a blood test that will check for immunity 3 weeks post vaccine