Snowy White & Fairy Dog Mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved

Located in beautiful Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia      

          Golden Doodles  Double Doodles       

We are expecting 3 litters before school is out this summer- I am expecting diversity in color coats and sizes but all should be non shedding-please go to upcoming litters for more info accepting deposits now we will also be looking for guardian home -please see guardian homes 

   A great dog is a combination of great breeding and great training

Welcome to Snowy White  Doodles 
- Taking a natural approach to Breeding -
 Your Fairy Dog-Mother
 An experienced puppy nanny focusing on early stimulation
   has a proven track record for producing an exceptional companionship puppy

  striving for stable temperament
- great health, gene diversity 
- an intelligent, allergy friendly, teddy bear type- Doodle
Your Fairy Dog Mother 
is pleased to 
offer you -  your new best friend
A wonderful companion for the family


raised naturally on a species appropriate diet 
Please take a look through my pages and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.